Young Christians and Old Books

A priority to us at is encourage people to read the works of great Christians who have come before us. Jaquelle Crowe, a writer and founder of The Young Writers Workshop, recently posted an article to that same point.

She begins,


At times, the church can be guilty of thinking young Christians need something new.

A new app, new Bible translation, new style, or new truth for modern times. But what young Christians need most is tremendously and radically old. We need faithful wisdom from ages past.

Instead of newer, cooler, faster, and edgier, we need simple, beautiful, and ancient…

We lack sorely when we don’t learn from past wisdom. But how are ancient writings relevant for modern young believers? What can Christians from different times with different experiences and different vocabularies teach us today?


Her initial point is a great one. Too often, we believe our situations or our battles are unique to our day.


It’s tempting to believe we live in unique times—that few from the past can speak with insightful specificity into our present culture. But that’s just not true. Humans have been dealing with the same sins and sufferings since our banishment from Eden. Sure, it’s manifested in various ways in various eras, but old Christians from the past can be startlingly relevant.


Read the full article along with Jaquelle’s 3 Reasons at SOLA Network.


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