Talking About Justice

Currently in America, many people about talking about justice.

While the meaning and application of justice is being debated, this is a great opportunity for Christians to engage the culture and share the Gospel.

Balajied Nongrum, a member of the speaking team with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, writes how the door has been opened to us.


[O]ur desire for justice seems to be intrinsic to who we are. Yet with the prevailing injustices that we see all around us, the longing for justice seems to be a far-away reality, if not an exercise in futility.


At a time when many people dismiss the idea of moral absolutes, the idea of justice intervenes.


It is only after basing on such a foundation of an objective moral frame work that one can meaningfully judge between a right and a wrong action, or for that matter between justice and injustice. Ultimately, the objective moral frame work goes only to point to the existence of a moral law-giver, who is holy and righteous in his character.


Read the full article: In Pursuit of Justice



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