Why You Should Read More Books This Year

Americans don’t read like we used to. In a BreakPoint daily commentary, Eric Metaxas pointed to a Literacy Project Foundation poll that found 44% of American adults don’t read a book in a year. While that may not concern too many adults, a 2014 Forbes article pointed to data that shows if parents don’t read, it’s […]

Some Biographies To Consider

Biographies are popular reads. Not only can they be very fascinating, we can learn a lot from others as we hear their stories. The folks over at The Blazing Center have an excellent post with biographies to consider for your reading list. Check out their suggestions here: 10 Biographies Everyone Should Read    

ebook Deals: Apologetics Is Your Friend

For many Christians, the word “apologetics” can conjure up hard to understand books that weigh as much as a small car…that is, if they know that apologetics deals with defending the truth of Christian doctrines. Many believers avoid the in-depth discussions of what it means to be a Christian and hold to a Christian worldview […]

Reading Recommendations

Looking for something new to read? The folks at The Gospel Coalition have posted their reading recommendations for this month. From discipleship to raising godly children, from understanding the Christian worldview to understanding the Temple, there are some excellent recommendations. Click here to learn more.

Great Books and Reading Them

There are many great books out there…and many of them have been read. We have a wealth of knowledge available to us from great Christian writers, not only in the current day but also from hundreds of years in the past. But we can only reap the benefits if we invest the time and read […]

The 40th Anniversary of “How Should We Then Live?”

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Francis Schaeffer’s classic book, “How Should We Then Live.” (We list it in our Books for Deeper Knowledge page.) Today we use terms like “worldview” quite regularly when we discuss how people perceive the world but Schaeffer was the one who stressed its importance. Albert Mohler has an excellent […]

Tim Keller Writes A Prequel, “Making Sense of God”

To say that Tim Keller is a prolific author is a bit of an understatement, writing about a wide range of topics including church growth, marriage, and prayer. With his new book, however, Keller returns to apologetics with a prequel to his excellent “The Reason For God” released in 2009. The Gospel Coalition website recently […]

J.C. Ryle’s “Holiness”: A Classic Book With Very Modern Applications.

J. C. Ryle’s “Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulty, and Roots” is one of those works that may not be high on most reading lists but is an important work, nonetheless. Ryle served as the Archbishop of Liverpool from 1880 until 1900 and is probably best known as an evangelist and writer. In fact, many consider […]

Reading in Community

Our goal here is to encourage Christians to spend more time reading…and not just the Bible. A recent article by C. Christopher Smith at relevant.com expands on the idea and encourages Christians to read in community. If Christians go beyond their reading and discuss what we glean from it, it’s very possible that we could […]

“A good book is like a seed: it produces fruit that has in it seed for more fruit. It is not a picture on the wall; it is a window that invites us to wider horizons.” ― Warren W. Wiersbe