It isn’t difficult for Christian believers to confess that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. We gladly claim Psalm 23 and rest our lives and future hopes on what it says. What is really difficult to confess is that we are sheep and desperately need a shepherd! – Warren Wiersbe (from Jesus In the Present Tense)

10 Reasons To Read Christian History

As our speed of  knowledge and information increases in our culture, we seem to withdraw further from history and the lessons of the past. Understanding where we came from helps put our present state into proper perspective. And while studying geopolitical history is vital, so is studying the history of Christianity. In fact, American history […]

“For anyone preparing to work among the unreached, this honest challenge is worthy of consideration, The heart of the issue here is biblical: Is Jesus worth that? Is Jesus worth that for the witness-bearer? Is Jesus worth that for the one choosing to believe His claims? Is Jesus worth persecution? Even more, is Jesus worth the death of a person who embraces the faith? If you do not believe that Jesus is who He claims to be, if you do not believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, if you do not believe that Jesus is the very Son of God and the only way to heaven, then please do not go out among the unreached. Do not get someone killed for something that you are not eternally sure about.” – Nik Ripken (Insanity of Obedience)


Talking About Justice

Currently in America, many people about talking about justice. While the meaning and application of justice is being debated, this is a great opportunity for Christians to engage the culture and share the Gospel. Balajied Nongrum, a member of the speaking team with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, writes how the door has been opened to […]

Why You Should Read More Books This Year

Americans don’t read like we used to. In a BreakPoint daily commentary, Eric Metaxas pointed to a Literacy Project Foundation poll that found 44% of American adults don’t read a book in a year. While that may not concern too many adults, a 2014 Forbes article pointed to data that shows if parents don’t read, it’s […]

Some Biographies To Consider

Biographies are popular reads. Not only can they be very fascinating, we can learn a lot from others as we hear their stories. The folks over at The Blazing Center have an excellent post with biographies to consider for your reading list. Check out their suggestions here: 10 Biographies Everyone Should Read    

The 40th Anniversary of “How Should We Then Live?”

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Francis Schaeffer’s classic book, “How Should We Then Live.” (We list it in our Books for Deeper Knowledge page.) Today we use terms like “worldview” quite regularly when we discuss how people perceive the world but Schaeffer was the one who stressed its importance. Albert Mohler has an excellent […]

Reading in Community

Our goal here is to encourage Christians to spend more time reading…and not just the Bible. A recent article by C. Christopher Smith at relevant.com expands on the idea and encourages Christians to read in community. If Christians go beyond their reading and discuss what we glean from it, it’s very possible that we could […]

“A good book is like a seed: it produces fruit that has in it seed for more fruit. It is not a picture on the wall; it is a window that invites us to wider horizons.” ― Warren W. Wiersbe

Instead of addressing teens’ questions, most church youth groups focus on fun and food.  The goal seems to be to create emotional attachment using loud music, silly skits, slapstick games — and pizza.  But the force of sheer emotional experience will not equip teens to address the ideas they will encounter when they leave home and face the world on their own. A study in Britain found that non-religious parents have a near 100 percent chance of passing on their views to their children, whereas religious parents have only about a 50/50 chance of passing on their views.  Clearly, teaching young people to engage critically with secular worldviews is no longer an option.  It is a necessary survival skill. —Nancy Pearcey