Don’t Just Read Your Bible

Reading God’s word is vital to the life of a Christian. Jonathon R. Bailey has an interesting take on what else we should do. Check out his post at The Gospel Coalition and see why he says “listening” is also key.   Don’t Just Read Your Bible

5 Questions to Help Pick Your Battles

The mere fact that we are human beings living in a fallen world means that we will eventually have conflict with someone else, even a fellow believer. When the problem isn’t about biblical doctrine or if there’s no blatant resolution stated in scripture, it can be quite dicey. How do you move forward? Or should […]

The Bible and Civil Rights Movement

In America during the early 19th century, the waves of the Great Awakening resulted in Christians (particularly in the Northeast) to call for the abolition of slavery in the U.S. And during the 1960, the Bible and biblical themes were once again the basis for much of the Civil Rights Movement. Kevin Smith writes about […]

Great Books and Reading Them

There are many great books out there…and many of them have been read. We have a wealth of knowledge available to us from great Christian writers, not only in the current day but also from hundreds of years in the past. But we can only reap the benefits if we invest the time and read […]


Attitudes toward the Bible in America

Last month, Barna Group published The State Of The Bible, its annual study of Americans’ beliefs and attitudes toward the Bible. Please follow the link and read the details of their findings. They provide great insight into how our culture treats Scripture. A key finding is that while 88% of households surveyed own a Bible, only 37% […]