Are Old Books Still Relevant?

When looking for books to help us grow in our faith, we can question whether old books are still relevant to us today. As time goes by, it seems our culture becomes even more focused on what’s new, hot, and current while dismissing recent things as outdated and, therefore, not relevant. In the excellent animated TV series, “Phineas and Ferb”, the brothers’ teenage sister, when hearing a song from the 1980s, says, “80s music is so 2002.”

While that may apply to certain technologies and the world of fashion, there’s no doubt that old books are still relevant for us today and we shouldn’t shy away from them.

Michael Hyatt wrote a blog post explaining the importance of keeping ourselves open to reading old books. In it, Hyatt shares three points laid out by C.S. Lewis on the importance of not ignoring older writings.


1. Old Books Have Been Tested

2. Old Books Give Us Context

3. Old Books Remove Our Blinders


Learn about these points on Michael Hyatt’s post “In Defense Of Old Books” here.

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