10 Reasons To Read Christian History

As our speed of  knowledge and information increases in our culture, we seem to withdraw further from history and the lessons of the past. Understanding where we came from helps put our present state into proper perspective. And while studying geopolitical history is vital, so is studying the history of Christianity. In fact, American history is interwoven with Christian history.

Christianity Today posted Top 10 reasons to read Christian history and they’ll hopefully give you a nudge to delve in deep.

Reason #1 – Because Christian history is everywhere in our culture.

  • You just can’t understand the modern, Western world unless you know your Christian history.

Reason #2 – Because it liberates you from the tyranny of the present—and of the recent past.

  • C.S. Lewis said, “…it’s the forgotten past that enslaves us.”

Reason #3 – Because life is too short to learn by experience.

  • Experience simply does not take us far at all.


Have a look at the entire list at Top Ten Reasons to Read Christian History.


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